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iTEX Design offers you a wide range of high-performance, versatile, comfortable and aesthetic work-wear at the best value for money.



iTEX Design shall be a professionally-managed Romanian domestic company, committed to total customer satisfaction and enhancing shareholder value.


iTEX Design employees shall be an innovative entrepreneurial and empowered team constantly creative value and attaining global benchmarks.

We shall foster a culture or caring trust and continuous learning while meeting expectations of employees, stakeholders and society.


A complete range to work safely


iTex Design offers you a wide range of high-performance, versatile, comfortable and aesthetic work-wear at the best value for money. Adopting an iTEX Design product means choosing a professional brand that can bring you safety and well-being on a daily basis.

The special features of the iTEX Design equipment are included in a wide selection of professional work-wear targeting head protection, eyes and ears protection, hands and feet protection and body  safety garments for petrochemical, construction, food processing industries and other production fields.


Our aim is to enhance the value of your business, by approaching a different B2B philosophy. Consequently, we will not ask our customers to choose from vast catalogues the right products.

We are there to understand each client’s needs, according to the particularities of the fields it is operating within. According to this clear understanding, we ease the procurement process by:

  1. presenting the right options of personal protective equipment;
  2. creating a personalized catalogue, uploaded on our B2B ordering platform, where it can be accessed anytime for new order;
  3. following up closely the satisfaction of our customers and doing immediately the required adjustments.

Our workflow

We created a high standard of flexibility in our collaboration with customers, an important aspect which places us on top list as favorite supplier for all our clients.

Initial Contact

The first step is to contact us via email for phone in order to schedule an appointment.


The most important step is the meeting where we will analyze and understand your needs and the particularities of your business.

Products proposals

Based on all the information acquired during our meeting we will present you a visual design proposals (if the case) or a portfolio of products carefully chosen for your particular requirements.

Financial Quote

After all products and design are decided based on the required quantities we will provide a financial quotation for the entire project.

Delivery calendar

Taking into consideration the procurement calendar of your company we will schedule the delivery of the products directly to your assets or warehouses.


Industries We Address

Our services are delivered by our team with years of experience are passionate about developing business.

Oil, Gas, Chemical and Construction Facilities

We can help you choose the industrial clothing that’s right for your employees and the various jobs they perform. Our solutions of traditional and contemporary industrial and construction uniforms for worksite employees and office support personnel help keep workers safe and your business compliant with safety regulations.

What we offer

  1. Industrial shirts and pants
  2. Denim jeans & cargo
  3. Coveralls & jackets
  4. Polo & button-down shirts
  5. Flame Resistant apparel
  6. High Visibility clothing
  7. Hats, visors & work gloves
  8. Accessories


Whether showing appreciation for your staff or promoting your practice, hospital, home health or personal care service, iTEX offers infinite resources for healthcare and medical branded apparel. Healthcare is a serious business, so you can trust us to deliver quality, safety-compliant products and services.

What we offer

  1. Medical Scrubs
  2. Lab Coats
  3. Medical Uniforms
  4. Patient apparel
  5. Protective apparel


We provide cost-effective, image enhancing solutions for all your employee work wear needs. Employees will always have crisp, clean, uniforms and work clothing ready for wear. With advanced uniform personalization capabilities, you can add eye-catching emblems or embroidery designs for your business to showcase your company logo, brand name, and/or employee names.

What we offer

  1. Dress shirts & button downs
  2. Polo & tee-shirts
  3. Aprons & smocks
  4. Chef coats
  5. Outerwear
  6. Hats, visors & caps


Our uniforms will create a professional image for your employees and help your image look organized, safe, and inviting. We propose durable and comfortable work wear for automotive industry.

What we offer

  1. Mechanic shirts & pants
  2. Technician shirts & pants
  3. Coveralls & overalls
  4. Coats & speed suits
  5. Office polo & shirts
  6. High Visibility & Flame Resistant (FR) clothing
  7. Jackets, hats & gloves
  8. Accessories

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Every aspect of iTEX Design business is characterized by professionalism and high standards of product quality. Sustainability is embedded into our long-term strategy for growth.

The Company’s manufacturing footprint extends across four countries in addition to Romania.

Our Team

Professional & Outstanding ideas of our passionate team makes us unique in every sense.

Meet the team who built the dream

The company’s HR approach commences by seeking out high caliber talent and continues through the employment life cycle with strong emphasis on retention. It helps us build a strong foundation based on competitive differentiation, propels performance and creates value.

With over 55% of the workforce below the age of 30, ITEX Design is a young organization. We stimulate and leverage this young intellectual capital by offering a healthy mix of opportunity, responsibility, growth and purpose. Our integrated talent management framework is established on a robust model that enhances employee capabilities and nurtures both professional and behavioral competencies. Our work culture empowers individuals with the freedom to think beyond the conventional, innovate out of the box and raise performance levels.

We go beyond compliance by implementing practices that improve our work environment and embed health and safety consciousness among all team members.

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